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The Magical Brush

Handpainted Murals - Art for Your Walls - Carolyn Kaler

 Add personality, charm, and character to
your home or business with:

 *Wall Murals
* Floor Cloths
* Faux Finishes
* Stained Glass 
* Mosaics 

Shown on these pages are some of the custom murals I have done. Click on any image to enlarge it. Click on the links below to go to floor cloths, faux finishes, paintings, accessories, stained glass or mosaics.

Detail of Chef Mural
chef mural detail .jpg
Michaelangelos, Gum Branch Road, Jacksonville

Dogs on the Beach Mural
beach dog mural magical brush.jpeg
Emerald Isle, NC

* Murals
magically add color and interest to any room in your home or business and visually expand small areas. Hand painted murals can be painted on your walls or  on canvas for fast and easy application to your walls. Shipping available for canvas murals which are easily applied and are reusable.
* Floor Cloths
are decorative and durable works of art that protect your floors and enhance any area of your home. Custom designed and hand painted floor cloths on heavy duty canvas to suit your individual style and taste from whimsical to classical. Available in sizes up to 9 x 15 feet.
* Paintings
of your favorite subjects, people or places add a special touch to any home.
* Faux Finishes
transform ordinary surfaces into extraordinary. Venetian plaster, tissue, ragging, antiquing, marbling, or any of the fabulous faux finishes from subtle to dramatic.
* Accessories
Custom accents for your home.
* Stained Glass
windows, panels, and cabinet inserts bring sparkling color to your home.
* Mosaics
add pizazz on tables, walls, hangings, lamps - anywhere you want a look that dazzles.
Links to floor cloths, faux finishes, and accessories are at end of this page-

All photos and artwork are protected by copyright law.
Please contact me if you'd like to use any.

Beach Scene Bath Mural
beach mural
Emerald Isle, NC

Flying Angels Ceiling Medallion
45"diameter - $225.00
Painted on canvas and can be applied with wallpaper paste and cutout for light fixture or ceiling fan.

Click here to contact me with questions, suggestions or requests.

Pirate Mural
pirate mural magical brush.jpg
Special thanks to Butlers and Signs for allowing me to use their statues as models for this mural.

Detail of Chef Mural
chef mural 2.jpg
Michaelangelos, Gum Branch Road, Jacksonville

Monkey Mural Detail
monkey mural 2.jpeg
Wilmington, NC

Faux Window with Monkey
faux window niche .jpeg
Cape Carteret. NC

Palms and Orchid Entry
Cape Carteret, NC

Flamingo and Mountains Powder Room Mural
flamingo palms mural
Kathryn's Bistro - Atlantic Beach, NC

Cherub Ceiling Medallion
cherub ceiling medalion.jpg
Whiteville, NC

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Handpainted Floor Cloths

Faux Finishes

Accessories, Stained Glass, Mosaic

The Magical Brush - Carolyn Kaler
North Carolina - 252-341-4310
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updated 2/2008