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The Magical Brush

Childrens Murals - Art for Your Walls - Carolyn Kaler

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Rabbits and Flowers
rabbits and flowers mural

The Cow Jumped Over The Moon
cow jumped over the moon childs store mural

Tyranosaurus Rex
t-rex childs mural

Alice in Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland Childs Floor Cloth

Aquarium Bath
fish theme boy's mural

The Labs
Lab childs mural
Detail of Mural

Family Pets
family pets childs mural
Included in Child's Mural

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Lions at the Watering Hole
African theme lion childs mural

zebra childs mural

Favorite Animals and Bugs
animals and bugs childs mural

The Tea Party
the tea party childs mural

dressed up giraffe childs room mural

Flamingo Mural
Flamingo childs room mural

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The Magical Brush - Carolyn Kaler
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