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The Magical Brush

Childrens Murals - Art for Your Walls - Carolyn Kaler - 252-341-4310

Starwars Canvas Mural
click on image to see close up

Mermaid Mural
childs mermaid mural

  A childs mural makes their room very special to them, they get so excited it makes painting them a lot of fun.
On this and the following page are some details
of childrens murals I have painted. 

Click any image to enlarge -

Fish Bedroom Mural
childs fish mural

Clown Mural Detail
clown detail childs mural

Fish Bath
childs bath fish mural

Rabbit Floor Cloth
rabbit floor cloth

Octopus Mural
octopus childs mural

Tug Boat Border
tug boat nursery mural

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Monkey Mural
childs monkey mural

Detail of Fairy Tale Bath
fairy tale childs mural

Small Child's Bedroom
alligator and giraffe nursery mural

Bird in Tree
bird in tree childs mural

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The Magical Brush - Carolyn Kaler
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