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The Magical Brush Floor Cloths

Handpainted Custom Designed Art for Your Floor
Floor cloths are decorative and durable works of art that protect your floors and enhance any area of your home. Each one is custom designed and hand painted to suit your space, style, and taste - from whimsical to formal. They are easy to keep clean and are very long lasting. Available in sizes up to 9 x 15 feet.


  To make a floor cloth, I use a very heavy canvas base cut to size;  stretch and prime it on both sides; base coat the face side; paint your design; finish with three coats of waterbased polyurethane; and lastly, the edges are hemmed. The finished cloth is simple to care for, but not recommended for use over carpets. Can be shipped anywhere.
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Carolyn Kaler
North Carolina

Red Vase with Yellow Flowers

Tulips and Butterflies
Detail of Large Floor Cloth

Crazy Fish Floor Cloth

Marbled with Leaves Floor Cloth
Painted to match clients pillows

Marbled Burgundy and Lime Leaf Floor Cloth
Octagon 112" diagonal to points $1100

Morning Glory Floor Cloth


Stylized Kitchen Floor Cloth
Designed to match kitchen border

Fruit 1

Fruit 2

Fruit with Painted Fringe

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The Magical Brush Floor Cloths
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