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Mirror & Tile Mosaic Door Topper

   Mosaics became popular around the 4th century BC and through the years have been produced by most cultures.

   Tiles, pebbles, broken glass and pottery, shells, metal pieces - anything that can be adhered to a solid surface - can be incorporated into the pattern.  Two basic methods are used to create a mosaic. In the direct method, each piece is placed directly into the wet adhesive. In the indirect method, the pieces are arranged and using water soluable glue, a piece of paper or backing is glued to them to hold them in place. After the glue dries, the whole piece is lifted and placed into the wet adhesive.  When the adhesive dries, the paper is wet and removed.  Both methods are then grouted.

   The mosaics shown here were some custom orders.

Stained Glass Mosaic House Plaque

Pebble and Tile House Plaque

Mosaic Fruit Wall Art

Broken Tile House Plaque

Stained Glass Mosiac Clock

Broken Tile Buffet Top

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